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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  January 28, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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new on 11 at 11... this tragic scene in hyde park square... where a metro bus hits a man.. killing him. his daughter was with him.. and she was also hurt.the bus was at the corner of edwards and erie - usually a fairly busy corner. corner.nine on your sides evan millward is there and has more for us. evan. a normally bustling hyde park square - still shut down - now three hours later.a 73-year-old man hit and killed - stuck under this bus.his 41-year-old daughter now in the hospital. nothing prepares you -cali rhein/saw bus crash 2813 i've never seen anything like it. especially so first hand, i mean i literally- it's hard - rhein ...was just, i just...- to find words -rhein ...i just her hit the bus, or the bus hit her, i guess.a father and his grown daughter - witnesses say were walking in this crosswalk.hit by metro bus - route 51 - turning left onto erie from edwards.the heart of hyde park square.rhein 2532 it's not a big intersection so everyone was just slamming on
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heard screaming.cali rhein was behind the bus.and says no one knew how horrific it was.a woman in her forties - laying in the intersection.rhein 2949 she started asking for her dad and that's when they went to look and saw what had happened sallie hilvers/metro spokeswoman 2115 we really don't know exactly what happened, the driver immediately called for assistance because he knew that something had happened. metro spokeswoman sallie hilvers says it has been years since any deadly incident like this.this time around - the bus was empty.rhein 2608 she was just screamingrhein says the light was yellow - father and daughter were in the crosswalk.moments that she can't forget -rhein 2701 she was just right in the middle of the crosswalk and the dad was under the bus. we're told the driver of thus bus has been with metro for ten years.he will be drug tested.and metro and cincinnati police are both now
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park, em, 9oys. now on 11 at 11... a cincinnati police officer accused of being on the other side of the law. other officers say joseph simpson stole money from a restaurant. 9 on your side's john genovese spoke with city manager harry black tonight-- he joins us live from district 5 headquarters in clifton with the city's response. john. simpson is based out of this building--but was working an off-duty detail at a local restaurant. the city manager says he was in his badge and uniform --caught on camera stealing that cash this booking photo of a man sworn to protect and serve--in a one-page indictment -- 40- year-old 'joseph simpson' is now facing a felony charge of theft in office "this person acted in a way that is totally not acceptable -- it's intolerable" city manager harry black says in late december -- while part of an off-duty detail--simpson was
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restaurant's cash register "it's not really about how much - it's the fact that someone in a uniform wearing a badge conducted themselves in this matter which is again, as i said, not indicative of the hardworking men and women that make up this police department" his powers... now suspended... as well as his pay. as the court system runs its course--the department will conduct its own internal investigation"this particular offense represents one of the most egregious offenses that an officer can commit and it will be dealt with as such" as far as the off-duty program-- black says he has full confidence "i would not want to let one bad apple force us into making any knee jerk reactions"an isolated incident -- he says -- in an otherwise exceptional force "it is not indicative of the men and women who make up this department, who work hard everyday, who are committed and who have absolute, high integrity" simpson is out from jail tonight on his own merit. i spoke with him briefly over
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comment on this indictment. john genovese 9oys extraordinary video tonight from the dashcam of a boone county deputy's cruiser.... a pick-up engulfed in flames after a chain reaction crash. nine on your side's ashley zilka has a closer look at these pictures for you.. and how the accident happened. ashley. deputies say this happened when a honda civic side-swiped a jeep.but that was just the beginning.chaos soon followed on north bend road. this is what deputies first saw when they came to the scene. a pick up truck going up in flames. the driver still inside. the chain reaction crash began when police say 22 year old danielle honshell was driving in the wrong direction and side-swiped a jeep. a piece of debris then landed in the windshield of another car-- 75 year old nora hollon and her husband both inside. 01:19:40 a piece of debris from the first collision flew up and came down into their windshield and of course she
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that's what she was taken for. 52honshell continued to drive and then collided into 65 year old michael puckett's ford pickup truck. hornshell's car drove off into a ditch-- the truck spun and burst into flames. deputies didn't hold back. they ran to the truck with fire extinguishers. 01:28:03 he was trapped. truck caught on fire and our first two deputies on the scene were able to pull him out 08heroic actions that saved puckett's life. medical helicopters took two victims to the hospital. at least one of them has life threatening injuries. investigators still do not know the cause of the crash. the man in charge of keeping students and staff safe at thomas more college now faces 36 counts of child pornography. the investigation into robert marshall began in january of 20-14... after someone said the material was on marshall's home computer. police say the investigation took a long time because marshall kept deleting pictures.. which then had to be recovered. robert marshall is thomas
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safety. he's now on adminstrative leave from that position..... and is in the kenton county jail. the school issued a statement saying.... at this time, there is no apparent danger to the campus community. we work around the clock to help create an environment that is safe and conducive to the thomas more college education mission. there is now an arrest in the murder outside the "hard times" bar in hamilton. police say charles mc-donald shot robert goens in the chest january 15-th.a bullet also grazed a second person.that person refused medical treatment. a march tonight in westwood to stop deadly shootings there. the event on bracken woods lane follows two murders in that area in the past year. community leaders say people have to find better ways to solve their disputes. "please put the guns up..please put them down, i 'don't mind saing that becasue it sriping our community apart. if someone disrespected you in some kind
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the most recent deadly shooting in westwood was just last night. 27 year old malone amason was shot on montana avenue near anconda drive. no one has been arrested yet for that murder. we've got yo-yo weather this week. nine first warning meterologist steve raleigh is here with which way its heading in the morning. steve. more clouds are back for thursday, as two quick-moving features swing through the tri-state. while we'll start with some sunshine, skies will become mostly cloudy during the afternoon.the second feature that rolls through thursday evening will produce isolated snow showers and flurries, mainly after 7 p.m. there could be a dusting out of a brief snow shower,
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the ohio senate has now passed a bill that would reduce government funding for planned parenthood. the bill now goes to the house.. where it has a lot of support. the measure targets about one- point three million in mostly federal dollars that planned parenthood receives through ohio's health department. that money supports h-i-v testing, breast and cervical cancer screenings
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against women. the bill would ban that money from being instead used by groups that perform or promote abortions. kentucky's new governor matt bevin wants to bring charter schoolto the commonwealth. kentucky is one of only eight states that do not have charter schools. charter schools are publiclly funded.. but privately run as an alternative to regular public schools. right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app.. see how kentucky leaders plan to introduce charter schools.. and how kentucky hopes to avoid the problems other states such as ohio have had with them. testing for pot. the new machines that can get results in just seconds. the impact they could have in ohio. its the time of year when people are especially sensitive about the i-r-s. the warning tonight that protect you from crooks who would use that to steal from you. a tornado in january. what amazed rescue crews and others about the devestating storm.
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study that will make millions of people feel a little better about that morning cup of joe. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 there may soon be a test to reveal within seconds if a driver has been smoking marijuana.
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testing five devices right now. marijuana is legal in colorado... but driving while high is not. right now the only way to determine if someone has more than 5 nanograms of t-h-c.. the active ingredent pot.... in their system is through a blood test.the new systems use saliva. it can tell you not only about marjuana but the other seven different types of drugs and there levels of imparment. the tests in colorado could be important in ohio because while voters here rejected a plan to legalilze pot in november..there is support for allowing medical marijuana. lawmakers in columbus are now taking a seriously look at legalizing that . a warning tonight for anyone who used plastic to pay for a meal at wendy's. the company is investigating "unusual activity" on payment cards. some of the cards were used for fraud after the real owner ate at wendys.the company says its hired a cyber- security company to
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is working with police. your best advice.. check your statements carefully for any bad charges. tax season has begun.and con artists are hoping they can use that fact to rip you off. john matarese has some warning signs to look for.. so you don't waste your money. with so much concern about tax fraud this can you tell if a letter or email from the irs is real anymore?if you get one...should you respond? or could it be another scam? ----------------almost all of us are now familiar with phishing scams: they typically show up in your email inbox, claiming to be from the may say click here to see your refund, or click here because of a problem with your return. but these letters -- like letters from several state tax departments -- are legitimate. legitimate.the letters, offically known as publication 5071 c, is a request for identity verification.the irs
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where it has questions if you are really the person who filed under your must then log on to a verification webspage at or call. call.the key here is that if the irs or state has questions for you, they they will mail you a letter with your name specifically on does not arrive via an email.if you get it, visit the irs website...or call them.that way youre safe and you dont waste your money. i'm john matarese 9 on your side. tonight -- a new orleans throughfare is trying to get back to normal after a *six-alarm* fire! fire!this four-story building on canal street kept firefighters busy for hours. some of the buildings are historic... and tonight there's concerns they could collapse.firefighters don't yet know what started that fire. authorities in florida tonight say its a miracle no one died when at least one tornado hit southern florida. the storm flipped cars and semis near fort lauderdale... along with tearing off roofs. witnesses report seeing more than one twister.. although
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has only confirmed one so far... but it touched down in three locations. weather summary: we'll see a few hours of clearing tonight before the clouds roll back into the tri-state. this rollercoaster
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us a few flurries tomorrow before temperatures jump to the 50s by saturday. temperatures will fall into the 20s after 8 p.m., and overnight lows will fall to mid 20s again by morning. more clouds are back for thursday, as two quick-moving features swing through the tri-state. while we'll start with some sunshine, skies will become mostly cloudy during the afternoon.the second feature that rolls through thursday evening will produce isolated snow showers and flurries, mainly after 7 p.m. there could be a dusting out of a brief snow shower, otherwise, no accumulation.while friday may see a few early clouds, some clearing breaks out later in the day. highs stay seasonal in the mid to upper
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the number of gray foxes in ohio is way down from 15 years ago.and now the state wants to know why. its launching a study to find out where the foxes are living... and you can help. if you have taken a picture of gray fox... the ohio division of wildlife wants you to share it on their facebook page... along with the place and time
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calls for tracking 20 gray foxes using radio collars. tonight in healthy living... some good news for coffee lovers. a new report by the american heart association says that caffeine does *not* cause an irregular heartbeat. the university of california, san francisco study monitored the hearts of nearly 14- hundren healthy men and women for one- year. 61- percent of people say they drank or ate more than one caffeinated item every day.but.. the heartbeat monitors did not detect extra heartbeats in those people. time for sports with nine on your side sports director john popovich. kentucky basketball has had its share of challenges this season. not tonight. tonight.and the reds land a true world's coming this summer and details
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good everyone.....the uk wildcats barely worked up a sweat at rupp arena tonight. the cats going against the tiges of missouri-mizzou with a little bit of trouble getting across mid court early...jamal murray picks up the loose ball...he's off to the passed around the perimeter..then inside...skal labissiere with the big dunk...kentucky skates tonight. also tonight....dayton crushed st louis...louisville won over virginia tech. the uc bearcats chase their 16th win of the season
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games to go and the bearcats knows it's the perfect time for a big road win. in division three, both the thomas more men and women won games at grove city. for the number one ranked women, it's their 50th straight win. to the ice...the always delightful hamster ball race between periods at the cyclones game.-second period action against the indy fuel...brandon gracel splitting the defnese and using the backhand for his 9th goal of the season. the cyclones win it three to one. the cincinnati reds go north and south..east and west starting tomorrow. it's the reds annual caravan which will end sunday at the florence mall. mall.but there was a big announcement at the urban youth academy where the reds revealed that cincinnati will host the r-b-i world series the next two years. -r-b-i stands for reviving baseball in inner cities.. it's an
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baseball and softball...and well...more than just that: the 2016 rbi world series will be played this coming august. baseball was also the focus at the annual sold out lasalle high school sports stag tonight.-there's football coach jimmy hilvert and the newest additon to wcpo dot com's high school coverage mike dyer. that's a big pickup. -and tonight...the hawk..hall of famer andre dawson was the featured speaker...keenan singleton got his take on pete rose and the hall of fame congratulatons to rich dauer, adam dehne and jim louder who were inducted into the lancers hall of fame. at the australian open, serena williams moves to the finals.
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this wednesday. wednesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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arrested face serious federal charges but the bigger question is whether still more force will be used to end this occupation once and for all. neal karlinksky, abc news, burns, oregon. well, the missouri police department agreed to an overhaul following an officer's fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. the plan calls for extensive training, improved procedures
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recruiting more minority
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